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Introducing the 21st century menu.

A highly shareable menu that can be changed on the fly.
What more could you want?

One tap for the menu, and one more to call.

Prime real estate on the home screen and a straightforward interface.

Fully customizable

Add, change, delete, or hide items.
Even include pictures and videos.

Easy contact

Quick ways for customers to get in contact and place their order.

"Simple and gets right to the point. No baloney. Everything is one tap away."

- Joe M.

Highly shareable by design

Text to a friend

Text keyword to 732-810-1400 (try it!)

Access via browser and save to phone

Share/scan QR code

Includes even more features:


No complicated ordering systems, customers directly place their orders with you.

Icon on home screen

Get that valuable real estate on your customer's phones.

Social media links

Include links to other social media to grow your brand.

Create your menu today.

Now offering optional professional setup from $99.

Questions? Contact us at info@merandex.com

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